Functional tools for the Languages classroom

Functional tools for the Languages classroom


When learning and practicing Language learning in the languages classroom setting, there are many useful tools that you can integrate in the classroom to enhance language learning.

One tool that I have become fond of is Pinterest.

By using Pinterest my students can use images and create story boards, to demonstrate their learning from a novel story, and even do projects via what they learned.  In my Spanish class, the students learned new vocabulary learned “the home” vocabulary  and created Pins to show their dream house and what it would look like, all at the same time practicing their language acquisition and demonstrating the new Spanish vocabulary that they learned.

I have also used Pinterst after having read French Immersion novels with my students. The students created Pins on the visuals of what the novel looked like and showing what they learned from the novel and at the same explaining why they chose these visuals.


Glogster has replaced the bristle board in my French Immersion and Spanish classroom. A lot of work in the language area classrooms,  are project based learning, to demonstrate what they have learned but by making it their own. In my Spanish class, there is a family unit and famous musician unit where student will use the new vocabulary that was learned including pictures. Glogster is awesome because it’s a digital poster, you can integrate sound and visual in these projects. Very cool and easy to use!

Movie Maker, You Tube and I movie

A lot of my students are very techy and have showed me different tools that I can use in the language classroom. My students taught me Movie Maker via the Microsoft program as well as how you can download your own movie and projects to You Tube. I became quite fond of the program I movie via I pad or I phone (cost is $6.00) because it is a easy and useful learning tool to use in he classroom.


I purchased a teacher account because you can do a lot with Animoto in the classroom with project based learning in the language classroom. Students can add working and images and make their own projects to demonstrate their learning and at the same time create digital stories for projects. I have used this tool for school assemblies to show the community what the students have Thom have been doing. Very cool tool!

Duo Lingo

This is such a fantastic app because student can download it onto their own devices for free and at the same time practice their language learning. It helps with the students, speaking, listening and reading and motivates the students to stay on track. I have hooked up the Duo Lingo program to my projector while using my tablet and it’s a great warm up tool to get my students started while learning the new language.


Another app that I have used in the French Immersion and Spanish classroom is the older app called: Busuu. With this app, students can practice their French and Spanish while using their reading writing, listening and reading skills. It’s an interactive tool with quick quizzes for the students to practice.


Students can create their very own character Avatar and make their own descriptions while practicing the language.

As a languages teacher, I am always looking for tools to integrate and motivate my students when they are learning a language. As discussed in a previous blog entry, as long as I use these learning tools in engaging and meaningful ways (not just as a tool to throw in), they can be useful for other language classrooms.



Author: Krista Gates

Hello! Hola! My name is Krista Gates. I have a been a teacher with Regina Public Schools for the past 13 years. I teach high school French Immersion Language Arts 9 & Spanish 10, 20 & 30. I am passionate about student engagement, languages, educational technology and travel. I am a proud mom to Madison and Connor. I am currently working on my third Master's at the University of Regina. B.Ed., M.Ed. MC.

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