Música miércoles (music Wednesday)

Música miércoles (music Wednesday)


Chayanne de Puerto Rico: Torero

We’re start the Spanish class Wednesday’s by watching a music video (or lyrics video) of a current or classic song in Spanish!  Then we answer questions and have a discussion about the song in the Spanish language!

*My amiga Allison from https://misclaseslocas.blogspot.com/shared this great resource.

This is many students’ favorite day of the week for the reason that many students enjoy listening to music plus they get to:

  • Listening to the Spanish language through song.
  • They are being exposed to new genres and artists of Spanish speaking music.
  • They learning the geography of where the many artists are from.
  • Hearing different accents and slang from various parts of the Spanish speaking world.
  • Getting catchy music stuck in their head.
  • Cultivating an interest in new music.
  • Bringing up cultural similarities and differences.
  • Making learning Spanish.
  • Having students excited to come to Spanish class!

Tech tools for our Spanish classroom

Tech tools for our Spanish classroom

Speaking          Listening          Reading          Writing 

giphy-downsized cell

  1. Online Spanish dictionary 
  2. Practice your Spanish with Duolingo
  3. Spanish speaking with Flipgrid
  4. Spanish writing & speaking projects with Adobe Spark
  5. Spanish speaking with Voki
  6. Spanish reading comprehension with the Disney website
  7. Spanish vocabulary games with audio
  8. Spanish listening & viewing : Mi vida Loca episodes (BBC)
  9. Spanish language game : Digital dialects
  10. Spanish listening via music from: Kevin y Karla