Skype Classroom

Skype Classroom


Skype Classroom has also been embraced by educators who are using it in the classroom in some innovative ways.

Teachers use Skype to open their students to a world beyond the classroom walls. They use it to bring experts, authors, and guest instructors into the classroom, those who would never otherwise be able to visit the school.

Students can take virtual field trips, if you will, via Skype as they’re connected to places through video chat. A Skype communication session can involve foreign language learning or a cultural exchange. It can connect classrooms across the city, province, country or around the world.

Teachers can sign up for the Skype in the Classroom by connecting their existing Skype accounts. Then, they can build out their profile with their interests, specialties, grade level, and location. Teachers can look through the directory and find others who can help with questions, resources, tips, and classroom visits.

Skype Classroom

Meet others who are passionate about language

Use Skype Education to connect with other students and teachers around the world! Skype can also be used in other classroom subject areas for educational purposes!

1) Students can practice multiple languages (French, Spanish, and German etc.) with other foreign classmates and teachers. (Explore other classrooms around the world.)

2) Students and teachers can interview people from around the globe. (Politicians, actors, scientists etc.)

3) Visit historical locations from around the world! For example, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Paos Volcano in Costa Rica.

4) Students could be given homework assignments via Skype if out of city or country.

5) Invite a guest speaker to a classroom in regards to any subject area (Social Studies, Law, Science, and English)

6) Collaborate with other teachers from around the world in regards to resources!

7) Collaborate with Poetry.  Connected classrooms  can create poetic pieces together and share them via video conferencing.

8) Hold a class debate. Skype can be used for hosting formal and informal debates to help students with their critical thinking and research skills.

9) Use for parent/teacher conference. Teachers can hold meetings with parents and students via the video chat.

10) Provide tutoring or extra help for students  who are ill,away or who require extra help.

11) Science Experiments:  Invite another classroom or an expert to speak to your class about a scientific experiment.

12) Math: Math equations sharing with other classrooms.

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